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About the Founder, Rima Star

Rima Star, founder of O3 Skincare™ is a health educator, massage therapist, and perinatal specialist. She has thirty years experience studying and teaching integrative systems of holistic education. Her interest in health and wellness as well as natural and organic foods, led her to discover the benefits of oxygenated esters and oils for the skin. She states, "Since the skin is the largest organ of the body, it is my belief that what is put on the skin should be as clean and beneficial as the food we put in our bodies."

To find out about her educational programs for birth, health and creative living see www.rimastar.com .


About the General Manager, Clay Boykin

‚ÄčClay Boykin brings more than 35 years of experience in business development, operations, marketing, brand development, and general management. Clay was with Motorola for twenty-two years and served in various global marketing and operations roles. After Motorola Clay spent several years in leadership roles with two start-up companies focused on the electronic kiosk and digital sign markets.  Prior to joining our team Clay was General Manager for industrial printing manufacturer

Clay leads with a disarming level of creativity and energy. He untangles complex situations, sets direction and collaborates to find and implement lasting solutions. He is intuitive, discerning and compassionate; an adaptable servant leader who brings great people together. Proven ability to bridge/grow relationships between client and parent company to create company growth and success.  Helps great people connect.

Clay is a former U.S. Marine Corps artillery officer and served in the U.S. and Okinawa, Japan. Since moving to Austin in 1980 Clay has served in several volunteer positions including communications chair-person for the Austin-area United Way, board member of the Austin Dispute Resolutions Center, board member of his church, founded and leads a men’s fellowship network and has been a member of Leadership Austin for the past 20 years. Clay holds a BS degree in Engineering Technology/Industrial Distribution from Texas A&M University. To learn more about Clay visit his LinkedIn page.